This is what I do. I eat this shit for breakfast!*

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*Actually, I’m not sure if it would be eaten or drunk, but either way, I consume as much web design and development information as I can. I really enjoy creating user-centric designs, and my ability to bring them to life through code is an added bonus. In addition to the web, I am experienced working with Flash and Actionscript as well as designing print materials.

I am a former tax accountant turned web designer. Yeah, I know — what the hell, right? I enjoyed and excelled at the problem-solving aspect but didn’t particularly enjoy the work in general. The analytical aspects carry over well to the web. Want to learn more about me? I knew it.

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On April 30, 2014, I will have surgery on my hip to fix a syndrome called femoroacetabular impingement. This syndrome is the result of a femur that is irregularly shaped with extra bone at the base that composes the hip joint. A normal femur is hourglass-shaped. That extra bone causes issues when the leg is… Read more »